Heat pump (HP) dryers have been used as one of the

This setup is basically used to cooldown the milk to a

The Geothermal food dryer uses geothermal hot water energy to remove

The water desalination systems produce safe drinking water through water treatment;

Chemical free steam based smart disinfection system.

Humidification and dehumidification (HDH) is a small to medium capacity Water

Simple plug & play type and easy movable ETP plant

The Mobile bed flow visualization and Rainfall hydrographs are a self-contained


The oil chiller performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil,

To study and compare of the conventional & stepped solar steel

Propeller Type Water Current Meter for open channel flow

Planetary Ball Mill

Amaze make Planetary Ball Mill installed @PDEU , Gandhinagar

Testimonial Certificate

Testimonial Certificate for floating solar Project

Mini water Chiller

Compact size Air cooled portable Mini water chiller

Heat Pump (Domestic)

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one