International conference: “ Innovation in Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure (ISSI-2022) ”

Heat pump (HP) dryers have been used as one of the

This setup is basically used to cooldown the milk to a

The Geothermal food dryer uses geothermal hot water energy to remove

The water desalination systems produce safe drinking water through water treatment;

Chemical free steam based smart disinfection system.

Humidification and dehumidification (HDH) is a small to medium capacity Water

Simple plug & play type and easy movable ETP plant

The Mobile bed flow visualization and Rainfall hydrographs are a self-contained


The oil chiller performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil,

To study and compare of the conventional & stepped solar steel

Propeller Type Water Current Meter for open channel flow

Planetary Ball Mill

Amaze make Planetary Ball Mill installed @PDEU , Gandhinagar

Testimonial Certificate

Testimonial Certificate for floating solar Project

Mini water Chiller

Compact size Air cooled portable Mini water chiller