• Balief provide an efficient and innovative chillers to meet wide chilling requirements. Our chillers can be operated on various media like water, glycol and other coolants. The chillers are modular and can be installed in plug-and-play mode. The user need to only provide plumbing connection from his existing system to the ports given on chiller, All systems are designed to achieve maximum operating efficiency for the given application.


  • A chiller uses a vapour compression mechanical refrigeration system that connects to the process water system through a device called an evaporator. Refrigerant circulates through an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device of a chiller. A thermodynamic process occurs in each of above components of a chiller. The evaporator functions as a heat exchanger such that heat captured by the process coolant flow transfers to the refrigerant. As the heat-transfer takes place, the refrigerant evaporates, changing from a low-pressure liquid into vapour, while the temperature of the process coolant reduces.


  • The oil chiller performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and oil cooling for your machine tools.


  • Oil chiller can prevent accuracy from being affected by the change of oil temperature when the equipment is working.



  • Mini chiller used for microclimate cooling system and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for laser, computer, body cooling, racing, firefighter, EV battery, electronics, medical, lab chemicals & aesthetic device etc.