Propeller Type Water Current Meter supplied @Nirma University

Propeller Type Water Current Meter

Propeller Type Water Current Meter is used to measure velocity of water flow directly in m/s. The spindle carrying the propeller wheel freely rotates in the pivot assembly. The magnet and reed switch assembly produces one pulse per rotation. The rotation of the Water Current Meter is sensed by sensor & gives pulsed output signal.

As per IS: 3910-1966, the Water Current Meter employs a propeller wheel assembly that is mounted upon a pivot assembly and rotates in response to fluid flow, generating a signal that is proportional to the fluid flow
velocity. The current propeller wheel assembly is made of plated brass. It employs four propeller blades that are hand formed from sheet metal and individually soldered to a brass frame. The finished unit is then plated.

Operating Range: 0.3 to 3.5 Meters per second
Accuracy: For velocities >0.3 m/s, 0.5% Full scale
Velocity Indicator: Digital Water Velocity Indicator (Optional)