Heat Pump for Air & Water Heating

Heat Pump for Air and Water Heating

Balief Corporation offers several advantages over conventional water heating systems. Besides being more reliable and efficient, these contribute to a more sustainable environment by utilizing renewable energy sources. Combining renewable sources and applying vapor compression technology results in substantial cost savings and a more environmentally sustainable means of heating water. Reduced usage of fossil fuels also contributes to cleaner air quality to meet CO2 emission targets.

Heat Pump is a device that moves heat from the air around to heat water. Its working principle is based on the Reverse Carnot Cycle principle. Usually, a heat pump water heater has four main components: evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device. The refrigerant is the medium to connect the four parts. Just using a little amount of electric power, the gas refrigerant in the compressor will be pumped into high temperature and high pressure gas. After flow through the heat exchanger, the heat will be released to heat water to satisfy the user’s demand.